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Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Sales Executive dalam Bahasa Inggris - In this section you will find sample executive cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on executive jobs.

A Application Letter is sent to an employer when you apply for a job. It is sent along with a resume. The Application Letter explains the employers why you are applying for the job and your skills, education that makes you eligible for the job. There are various executive jobs at different levels in various organizations. Before you start writing your executive cover letters, jot down essential points that you need to mention in your cover letter of application. This way you would not miss any important information. An executive resume would be of mediocre value, if your letter of application is weak.

Tips untuk menulis Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja Sales Executive:

1. Mention your postal address, date and the recruiter/employer name, designation and company address at the start of the letter

2. A cover letter should be divided into 3–4 paragraphs. The first paragraph should emphasize, which job opening you are interested in, why you are applying for this job and how you are eligible for the job. Mention all these details in short. The second paragraph must emphasize your skills, work experience and roles and responsibilities in previous organization. In the concluding paragraph, you need to thank the recruiter/employer and write about your keen interest to appear for an interview.

3. Candidates applying for executive job after high school or graduation need to place importance on their strengths and key skills. If you have previous work experience in similar kind of job profile, then mention it in the letter. For example: If you have housekeeping work experience of few years and are applying for housekeeping executive job in an well-known hotel, then you can mention this experience in your cover letter as follows: Worked with Global Inn Motel for 7 years as a maid supervisor. I was a part of the training team and handled a team of 25 maids. I have undergone training for housekeeping and supervision.

4. Candidates applying for executive job in the management field need to emphasize their skills and responsibilities they undertook during their previous jobs. A person with work experience in sales and has completed their part time MBA needs to mention the skills he gained through earlier jobs and projects during his MBA program. You can even use bullet points to mention your strengths or key skills that would be suitable for the job.

5. If applying for finance-related executive jobs, mention your analysis skills, proficiency in using finance-related software to generate different reports. Also mention facts and figures about your achievements. Those applying for executive level position in Tourism Company need to mention their degree in travel and tourism, interpersonal skills, communication skills, costumer service skills and interest in traveling.

6. If you are applying for a job at different location, then mention that you are ready to shift to the new location. Check the prerequisites for the job you are applying for and mention your capability to achieve those in your cover letter. For example: If you are applying for customer service executive job, then mention that you are ready to work in shifts.

7. Thank the recruiter/employer for their time when you conclude your cover letter. Provide your contact number details so that the recruiter can call you for an interview. If 8. you are not mentioning your contact number, then make sure you mention the correct postal address at the beginning of the letter. Conclude the letter by writing "Sincerely", then leave few lines and mention your name. Sign in the space above your name. Mention that you enclosed your resume and other documents along with the cover letter.

This site includes various executive cover letters that you can use for reference. You can find executive resume cover letters such as chief executive officer cover letter, chief financial executive officer cover letter, executive housekeeper cover letter, executive assistant cover letter, executive secretary cover letter, tour company executive cover letter, human resource cover letter, sales executive cover letter, etc. You can edit and modify these cover letters according to your preference.

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